Welcome to Sorrento Fine Art Gallery, where you will find original oil paintings on
canvas and statues as per Pompei - Ercolano style, greek - roman style and more.  

The Sorrento Fine art Gallery, the oldest art gallery in town, located in the hearth of the
historical center of Sorrento, is an international art gallery that is proud to represent artists such
as Vincenzo Aprile, Ferdinando Sapio,Andrea Patrisi, Domenico Tosetto,Mario Sanzone and a
lot more talented artists.

Our gallery is directed by Prof. Nello, an experienced art master, professionally guiding a wide
variety of smart skilled and talented painters working and leaving in Sorrento and other places
along Napoli  bay  and Vesuvio.

We are committed to supplying only the finest quality original oil paintings. Please enjoy
browsing our images and for more information contact us here at Sorrento Fine Art Gallery.
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