Vincenzo Aprile was born in Italy in 1952, where he currently resides and paints.
Aprile was one of the "new group of young artists" in Italy who changed what was
commonly accepted as the traditional old school of painting in Italy. Aprile, one of
the leaders of this movement by young artists in Italy, is known for his "new ideas"
to change and upset Italy's view of traditional art.
Aprile's command in craftsmanship and sense of pictorial values is evident in his
"portraits of the Italian landscape through my eyes." Vincenzo Aprile looks at the
Italian landscape and does not see fields or expanses of land, instead he sees the
beauty of the flower pots adorning the terraces overlooking the villa rooftops to the
sea, the marinas that capture the heart and soul of the Italian people. He paints the
emotions of Italy for all to feel when they observe his paintings.
Aprile unites a technical knowledge with a game of lights, delicate passage
between dark and light plus chromatic tones, which define the notable position of
the figures in a space, which is both alive and vibrant. His art then assumes a
sentimental languor in representing landscapes immersed in a tranquil and
luminous serenity and vast blue sky.
Vincenzo Aprile
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